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Notarial Services

The notarization of documents ensures that they are authentic and fully compliant with the legal requirements of their respective jurisdictions. A notary certifies the authenticity of copied documents, such as passports and utility bills.

Apostille Services

You don’t need to worry about knowing the requirements of different government agencies with our Apostille, Authentication, and Embassy Legalization service. Moreover, we will guide you through the process in the appropriate sequence.


Don’t Have Time to Come In to File Your Taxes?
With us you can easily file electronically to save you time and travel.
Contact us if you have questions 800-596-9947
10% discount to first time tax clients and $27 referral fee via cashapp when they mention you and provide your phone number as a token of our gratitude.

Fingerprinting Services

With our special fingerprinting service, you can get your fingerprinting done on an FD-258 or an SF-87 card to serve your ink submission needs.
We are located at 515, Airport Road. We provide Passport Pictures, FS-258 Fingerprint Cards and Livescan Fingerprinting Services that are sent directly to the FBI. Visit link for more information.

Notarial Fees


$ 10
  • First seal
  • The $10 is $5 for the appointment and $5 for the first seal.
  • $5 for each additional seal.
  • Please bring exact cash so that we don’t have to charge an additional $5 for a surcharge fee. WE DO NOT CARRY CHANGE


$ 27
  • Up to 15 miles from zip code 37421
  • Additional $27 every additional 15 miles
  • $10 first seal and $5 per additional seal per person.

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