r1st Apostille – $270

    – Includes standard processing services of 1 apostille.
    – Includes FedEx shipping and delivery back to you in the U.S.
    – Does not include the cost of international delivery of documents back to you, neither Translation services.  Fees are only for Hague Participating Countries.  Non-Hagueg requires extra authentication. Please contact us for an estimate (please provide your city and the postal code).

2nd or more apostilles in the same state + $250 per every additional document that is processed at the same time as the 1st apostille

     Example 1: If you have 2 birth certificates and 2 marriage certificates both issued in the same state, your total cost will be $270+ $250+ $250+ $250= $1,020
     Example 2: If you have 2 birth certificates issued in one state and 2 marriage certificates issued in another state, your total cost will be $270+ $250+ $270+ $250= $1,040

additional certification requires an additional fee

     Some states require additional authentication from city/county authorities before applying an apostille. 
     We will verify any additional fees and will notify you of any further costs that you may incur before we start processing your documents. 

Embassy legalization from $100/ each document + Embassy fee

     Some countries require additional certification/legalization from state authorities. We will estimate the total cost based on the requirements of that country.
Authentication may incur a separate fee depending on state.

Rush processing services + $170/ per state 

     Example 1: If you have 1 birth certificate and 1 marriage certificate both issued in the same state, and you would like rush processing, your total cost will be $270+ $250+ $170(rush) = $690
     Example 2: If you have 1 birth certificate issued in one state and 1 marriage certificate issued in another state, and you would like rush processing, your total cost will be $270 + $170(rush) + $250 + $170(rush) = $860. 

Some states, such as NY, HI, PR, Guam, etc. are having a different / higher prices for apostille.

 Please contact us for an estimate.

We suggest that you scan/take a photo front and back of your documents and email them to us before mailing the originals to us. We will review the documents to make sure they have proper signature(s) and seal(s) to be apostilled/authenticated.

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Major credit and debit cards
  • U.S. Money Orders
  • All payments made in any method other than cash incurs a 3% processing fee per transaction.
  • Must pay in full and any extra charges incurred will be billed prior to handing the Apostilled document(s).

We guarantee your satisfaction! You will receive a 100% refund if we cannot obtain an apostille for your document. If you decide to cancel your request before we begin processing your documents, please contact us in writing (by fax or email) and we will refund 100% minus the shipping charges if we ship your documents back to you.
Please review our complete Terms and Conditions.